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Self-Esteem: A Key Component in Overall Wellness

A healthy sense of self-esteem can make a considerable difference in the way you present yourself to the world and the effect that daily living has on your well-being. Life is very stressful and working on improving your ability to weather the slings and arrows that come from stress and low confidence can have a noticeable

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Empowering Fellow Women: How Do You Do it?

The idea of women working together is a powerful image that will inspire others to uphold equality. However, you cannot take away the fact that some women don’t support their fellow women. Chances are they will fight and engage in fruitless debates. We, as women, should get past this phase. We need to do our

Can Technology Help Treat Substance Abuse?

There was a time when talking about substance abuse problems is as taboo as eating pork for some religious groups. There is still a stigma surrounding the issues of drug and alcohol abuse. However, more people are starting to discuss it because the reality surrounding it cannot be denied. The truth is that substance abuse

Strict Lockdowns: Is this Cure Worse than the Disease?

Months of lockdowns have hit the US hard. Americans are craving to return to their normal lives, but some politicians are continually making policies that trample civil liberties. If drawn-out lockdowns are the cure, it might be worse than the disease, and even the World Health Organization agrees. Literally Grinding their Teeth Americans are up in

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Drinking Problems: Dealing With Alcoholism Among Men

Men are more likely to drink excessively than women, increasing their risks of developing several health issues. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 59% of adult men drink more alcohol in a month than 47% of adult women. However, despite this high figure, only 9.8% of men that need treatment

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Boosting Your Self-esteem Can Help You Whether the Pandemic

We’re all familiar with the effects of self-esteem. With a healthy dose, you feel more confident in anything you do. People perceive you as being more likable. Lower that, and you’re prone to feeling lonely, anxious, and vulnerable. It can cause you to withdraw from relationships and suffer poor performance at work or other tasks.


The 7 Cardinal Rules of Life and What They Mean to Us

Back in 1995, the Japanese coming-of-age anime movie Whisper of the Heart was released by Studio Ghibli. The story revolved around two young students who were struggling with their feelings for each other and their artistic callings. A few years ago, an unidentified person summarized the significant life lessons from the movie and posted them

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Preparing for the Latter Stages: A Guide to a Healthy Retirement

During adulthood, people have the energy and time to do everything they want. They can indulge in a lot of things without a care in the world because they can. It might be forgivable for you to not think about your future in hopes of enjoying the present, but you have to know that your

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High-maintenance or Highly Misunderstood? 3 Conditions to Look Into

It’s not easy being labeled as high-maintenance. Your colleagues don’t look forward to working with you, and your family and friends are never short of complaints about your behavior. You’ve committed yourself to continual introspection and other efforts to change, but there’s just no getting over certain ticks. Have you ever considered that maybe the


Do you require the legal intervention of a criminal law solicitor?

For small scale private discerning clients (or even large scale commercial businesses) who require legal intervention, it is suggested they seek the assistance of a criminal solicitor. A criminal lawyer‘s role is to not only defend the clients’ case from the earliest stage of accusation, all the way to the clients’ appearance within the trail.

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