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Which is better – clear aligners at home or the clinic?

To understand the strengths and weaknesses of aligners at home compared to those provided at dental clinics, a brief intro as to what clear aligners are and how they work is needed. Clear or invisible aligners are an orthodontic tool. They straighten your teeth over time and are based on the same principles of traditional


The importance of SEO in your patient attraction system

There are many different methods and strategies which you can combine to create a strong patient attraction system for your dental practice. The establishment of the World Wide Web has thrown all of the traditional marketing techniques such as leaflets, calling cards, newspaper articles and other forms of paper marketing out of the window. However,


Conditions that Are Often Misdiagnosed Among Females

It is not unusual to hear stories about women who struggled for years with an unknown disease, spending thousands of dollars on tests and medication, then still not get the right diagnosis. To this day, despite the advancements in medicine, women all over the world face challenges in the medical field. Misdiagnosis: A Problem Women

ct scan

A Guide to CT Scans and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Them

The first step in diagnosing any health condition is by going to a doctor and enumerating the person’s symptoms. Most medical professionals will tell their patients to avoid looking up their symptoms online because self-diagnosis can often create unnecessary fear that is overwhelming. As such, seeking professional help once something is out of the ordinary

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Trending Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Give You That Perfect Smile

A smile can go a long way as a self-confidence booster. It adds a charming appeal to your personality and can capture attention in any social situation. Often, people take considerable efforts to maintain good oral health. Some parents start their kids young by paying regular dentist’s visits, getting braces, or wearing Invisalign to ensure

sick child

Long-COVID: When Your Body Does Not Recover Fast After Battling with the Virus

COVID-19 presents itself through about a dozen symptoms. Although many will not notice that they have a highly-contagious illness because they feel fine, most will have at least one of the symptoms. These symptoms range from mild – dry cough, sore throat, aches and pains, headache, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, fever, loss of taste or smell, and

The Impact of Dental Health on Your Overall Health and Well-being

There are more than 7.8 billion people in the world. Do you know that about half of that—3.5 million—suffer from oral diseases caused by bad dental habits and lack of dental guidance? Dental and oral health isn’t just about you. It’s not about your fear of the dentists or the fact that you’re okay with a decaying

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How New Doctors Are Surviving in the Wake of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a series of changes in everyone’s lives during its wake. Many find themselves dealing with challenges that can take their toll on our mental, physical, financial, and even spiritual health. While the government has implemented lockdowns and social distancing laws necessary for limiting the spread of the virus, the stress

Four Unusual Medical Conditions that Only Affect Women

According to the FDA’s Orphan Drug Act, a disease is considered rare and unusual if it affects less than 200,000 people. There are over 7,000 known rare diseases in the country. Most of which are life-threatening and have no cure or treatment (for now). It is hard to understand how to treat these unusual conditions. Their

Ways to Treat Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are as real as any debilitating illness. It’s not something you imagine. If you feel like your periods are worsening, it’s because they probably are. No, you’re not paranoid. And you’re not overly dramatic. You are suffering, and you need help. The medical term for what you are going through is dysmenorrhea. It has

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