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When to Get Braces

The late, great rock icon of the 70s Freddie Mercury could have benefited from braces, but he never did anything about his iconic teeth. In orthodontics, it is classified as an anterior overjet or Class II malocclusion—simply, an overbite. Apparently, the lead singer of the British band Queen was born with four extra teeth at the back

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Best Ways to Care for Your Teeth in Your 40s

Teeth and gums undergo drastic changes as we grow old. For one, the mouth tends to get dry due to medications and several other factors. Gums start to recede, exposing softer root tissues of teeth, which eventually leads to cavities. The teeth also get more yellow due to the thinning of the enamel and the

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Helpful and Practical Hints to Boost Your Job Promotion Chances

If you’ve been working for years now with the same company, you’ve never been once late, and you’re recognised for the quality of your output, what do you think is the next step? Many would mention a promotion, and it means that you’re not only good at your job but you also possess skill and

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Battle of the Chromosomes: Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Based on new studies, your life expectancy may have been pre-determined even before you were born – specifically, the moment you were assigned a sex. “Women live longer than men.” It’s not necessarily true for all men and women around the world, nor was it always the case. In the past, when patriarchal standards were

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