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What You Should Know About Metatarsalgia or Pain in the Ball of Your Foot

Metatarsalgia, also known as ball-of-the-foot pain, is pain due to inflammation in the ball of the foot. This is the area located between your foot arch and your toes. Metatarsalgia typically occurs because of overuse injuries during sports that involve jumping and running. But, it could also result from ill-fitting footwear, arthritis, foot abnormalities, and

Woman coughing, feeling unwell

What Does Blood When I Cough Mean?

Hemoptysis is commonly known as coughing up blood. Seeing even a little bit of blood in your phlegm or sputum can be very unsettling. This is because coughing up blood almost always mean an underlying condition. But take note that the severity of a condition will be based on how much blood you coughed up

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Dental Conditions That Mouth Guards Can Treat

Dental care for a long time only meant cleaning your teeth and occasional flossing to guarantee a sparkling white smile. While these are still pre-requisites of dental health, they are not enough. Several elements might still affect your oral health to varying degrees. Most of them are severe enough to warrant the professional extraction of

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Working Long Hours Can Make You Prone to Stroke

Although being on top when it comes to performance is always ideal, pushing yourself too much by working long hours is not good for your health. Research shows that the longer you spend time at work, the higher your risk of developing a stroke is. Long hours are defined as more than 10 hours in

doctor showing a patient her xray results

5 Ways to Prevent Bone Loss

As people age, it is only normal to experience a decline in bone mass. It is sad and unavoidable, but you can do your best to delay or minimise its impact on your life. Here are five things that could help: Get dental implants to hold a replacement tooth or bridge When a person gets

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Ensure Your Baby’s Well-Being with the Newborn Screening Test

Your bundle of joy just greeted the world with a resounding cry. The baby looks healthy, and the family is thankful for the gift of life. Yet, before you can celebrate, a nurse comes by and informs you a screening test needs to be done. The newborn screening test is a standard in many countries

dental braces - lingual braces, before and after

Brace Yourself with Braces: Proper Brushing and Other Care Tricks

We all understand how important it is to brush our teeth to keep our mouth healthy. But, when we have braces, it becomes a different thing entirely. If you think brushing your teeth three times a day is already such a big task, imagine tripling those efforts just to keep your braces clean. After all,

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Get Immediate Relief With Same Day Dentistry

Have you heard of the term “same day dentistry”? This means that your dentist will deliver your dental appliance—for example, implants or crowns—on the same day that you come in using modern technology and dental-certified materials. The practice differs from traditional dentistry, which takes two or more appointments to complete a certain procedure. Why is it necessary?

nurse checking blood sugar level of old woman

Signs of Diabetes: What to Look Out For

Diabetes is one of the hardest conditions to manage, making it essential to spot as early as possible. According to the CDC, 100 million Americans had diabetes and prediabetes as of 2017, and the trend is increasing. If you’re suspecting that you or your loved one has diabetes, it’s essential to consult a doctor as

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Role of Weight Loss Clinics in Achieving Your Desired Weight

Did you know that approximately 2 billion individuals worldwide are diagnosed with overweight and obesity? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 40 percent of adults have a body weight that is above the ideal measurement. Due to dietary and lifestyle changes, the incidence of obesity has increased threefold over the past decade. Thus,

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