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6 Common Illnesses of Women in Their 40s

Most women don’t look forward to getting older, but modern medicine can help them prepare for health concerns that come with aging. According to the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) CDC, six in ten adults have a form of chronic or severe disease, many of which result from poor lifestyle choices, including frequent smoking,


Maternity Essentials to Prepare Before Giving Birth

Having another member of the family can be an exciting notion, and it’s definitely going to be a significant investment for fathers, and especially mothers. However, the process of going into labor and expecting a child can usually last from four to eight hours to more than a day, at least. For every hour that

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What Happens to Your Senses as You Age?

Bodily changes are a normal and expected part of getting older. But when and how does age affect our five common senses? Read on and find out. 1. Presbyopia After Age 40 Have you ever wondered why many elders can’t thread a needle and often hold books and menus at arm’s length? Well, nearly all

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4 Healthy Ways You Can Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a fact of life. Everyone faces stress to varying degrees. Some can be easily seen and minimized, but there are some stressful factors that take you by surprise. No matter how hard you avoid stress, it will always find you. In fact, trying hard to avoid stress can stress you out. You have

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When traditional braces just won’t do

For some people, traditional fixed braces are a treatment plan that is just not an option for them. It could be the cost, the time frame that they are expected to be worn for, the inconvenience of needing to regularly visit the dentist to have the wires tightened, or the appearance of the treatment and

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Senior Housing: How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility

There will come a time where it would be difficult for your aging loved one to live alone without anyone to assist them. If you can’t afford to care for them yourself, you may need to look into assisted living homes in Phoenix. With so many to choose from, however, the search for the best

What’s Stopping You from Making a Full Recovery from Anorexia?

Do you often find yourself purging to shed some weight? Are you constantly monitoring your calorie intake? Are you extremely sensitive to failure and criticism? These are but some common signs and symptoms of people with anorexia. While recognizing these signs and getting diagnosed are a good way to start your road to recovery, many


3 Low-Key Habits That Are Destroying Your Health

Small actions count. You might not be indulging in a cigarette or snagging only three hours of sleep at night, but you could be into low-key habits that are bad for your health. When it comes to staying healthy, it’s not enough to avoid the big no’s in the book. You need to check the


Ways to Address Five Health Issues Common to Office Workers

Working in an office has its advantages. You get to work in a relatively safe and comfortable environment. There is no need to lift heavy objects, get exposed to hazardous materials, or work under the heat of the sun. But this is not to say that it has no drawbacks. Working behind a desk all

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