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COVID-19 Remains a Threat: The Established Life in the New Normal

Everyone in this world is suffering. The COVID-19 pandemic is about to reach its second year, and humanity thinks it is already enough time to recover and return to normal. Despite our best efforts, the world remains short in achieving that goal. Vaccines are already part of the reliable defense system for people, but multiple


Diabetes and Women: Here Are Startling Facts to Know

Contrary to popular claims, a person with diabetes cannot reverse the disease. It will never go away. They can significantly delay the complications and manage them through prompt medical intervention and lifestyle changes. One of the popular home health care services for diabetic patients is foot care. Many patients with diabetes are prone to develop

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A Guide to Good Health for the Whole Family

Ensuring that your whole family is in the pink of health should be your top priority during this time, and that includes furry family members. Taking care of your mental health is important amid stressful circumstances like the global health crisis. While the situation has been slowly looking more hopeful than in the previous year, things

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Clear aligners at home versus clinic treatment

As an interesting area of orthodontics, aligners are one of the few treatments that lend themselves well to being performed at home. Certainly, nobody would attempt to apply a traditional brace to themselves! But with many aligner manufacturers now having dedicated apps for the diagnosis and treatment schedules that come along with aligners, mixed with

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In search of a dentist in Soho?

When you visit a dental practice, you can expect to choose from a range of both routine and specialist dental services with general treatments, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive dentistry. What some people may not know however, is that dentists are also able to provide treatments for those who would like to reduce the


Investing in Your Health: The Importance of Staying Healthy

In today’s world, investing in one’s health and fitness is essential. There are so many reasons why investing in your own health is important: it can help you live longer, make you more productive, and improve your quality of life. It sounds simple enough: investing in good health will lead to better outcomes for all aspects

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Excellent Health and Wellness Tips for Women

The secret to happiness and success in life is finding a balance. While this is many times very difficult for women to do as they are pulled from all directions at all times, there are certain measures ladies can take to make this process easier and more achievable. Here are four of them. Beauty and

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The Types of Vaccines That Are Safe for Pregnant Women

The vaccines you get before and during your gestation period play a crucial role in protecting your health and your unborn child. After all, a mother’s immunity is also the baby’s first line of defense against severe illnesses. For your safety, here are the different types of vaccines pregnant women should get: COVID-19 Vaccine The

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Prioritizing Employee Wellness: What Entrepreneurs Have to Do

Employees are the most valuable assets of your company. All your equipment, processes, and resources will not matter without workers who know how to utilize them. They are your most significant investments, making it necessary to protect them at all costs. Part of your duties involves looking out for their health and wellness. Employees have

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