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Essential Pointers for Better Women’s Health

All women want to be strong, healthy, and happy. But many don’t know where to begin. If this is you, here are four excellent tips you can explore. It Starts with the Basics Like most things in life, the difference between success and failure is often a matter of having the right habits. If you

menstrual cup and tampons

Menstrual Cups: How to Use Them

What is a menstrual cup? A menstrual cup is a washable feminine product for hygiene. It’s a little funnel-shaped cup commonly made of silicone that women can insert into their vagina to collect and catch period fluid. Compared to tampons and pads, cups can keep more fluids, and that’s why many women are switching to


A good patient attraction system to target a wide and varied audience

With multiple dental practices at any given location it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is why good dental marketing and an effective patient attraction system is necessary to show potential patients why they should book an appointment to visit you and not the dental practice across the street or down

clear aligners

Which is better – clear aligners at home or the clinic?

To understand the strengths and weaknesses of aligners at home compared to those provided at dental clinics, a brief intro as to what clear aligners are and how they work is needed. Clear or invisible aligners are an orthodontic tool. They straighten your teeth over time and are based on the same principles of traditional


Sports Performance: Athletes with Poor Oral Health

We know a couple of elite athletes in our lives, maybe from watching them play or from the media. They are prevalent in the entertainment industry. We understand that these athletes as some of the best in sports, with some having the ideal human body. However, despite this, most athletes aren’t performing at an optimal

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Dealing with Health Issues Common among Women

People became conscious of the importance of staying healthy and fit when the pandemic started. Even as many diseases know no gender, some health issues affect more women than men. These diseases include osteoporosis, breast cancer, and autoimmune diseases, among others. So, women need to know more about these diseases to take charge and deal

patient with cancer

After a Cancer Diagnosis: What Patients and Families Should Do

Cancer is one of the diseases that you must be worried about. That bump in your throat, or a benign tumor, might turn into a nightmare. However, thanks to technical breakthroughs, particularly in medical, previously incurable diseases now have a remedy. It is now possible to save your life despite the presence of cancerous cells

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Don’t Let Your Health Get in the Way of Your Dreams

Being the epitome of health is not a prerequisite to chasing after your dreams. However, you have to admit that it will be much easier to pursue your passions and aspirations if you’re healthy instead of fighting for your life or dependent on medications just to function normally. But not everyone is as fortunate. Of

keloid scar

Keloid Scars: How to Get Rid of Them and Regain Your Confidence

We all know that most skin injuries leave scars. Scar tissue is fibrous tissue that naturally forms over the wound to repair and protect it. Sometimes, extra scar tissue forms as smooth and hard growths referred to as keloids. Keloids are typically found on earlobes, cheeks, shoulders, or the chest, but they can form anywhere

person eating yogurt

Yogurt Is A Godsend That Few People Eat Regularly

Nowadays, it seems like everybody’s trying to be healthy, and even though diet fads and workout routines can come out of the woodwork now and then, the general trend for health and wellness has been pleasantly received in recent times. As a result, we’re seeing more and more people become health-conscious and active in their

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