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tooth replacement

Getting Back Lost Teeth With Dental Implants, Maidstone

Losing a tooth or some teeth can leave an impact on a person’s mouth that lasts far beyond the point of the loss occurring, this can lead to someone changing their eating habits and other ways they used their mouths. In cases where extreme tooth loss occurs at the front of the mouth people may

clear aligners

Getting the most out of clear aligners

Clear aligners provide an excellent alternative to the standard metal brace when it comes to rearranging teeth with minimal fuss. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a right or wrong way to use them, and getting the most out of Invisalign Weybridge is vital to success. It can also make a big difference to

doctor smiling with a senior woman

Five Lesser-known Diseases More Common in Women Than Men

When it comes to diseases common among females, we often think of breast and cervical cancers. While it’s true that those illnesses target females, they’re not the only ones women have to be concerned about. There are more diseases women and girls suffer in silence because we don’t talk about them as much. Therefore, let’s

woman smiling

The Top 10 Skin Conditions You Need to Know as a Woman in Her 50s

With the passage of time, human skin ages, and that leads to various skin problems. In many cases, different kinds of aging spots appear on the face and other parts of the body where the skin is exposed directly to sunlight. In some people, these spots can be a sign of severe medical conditions such

healthy women

Essential Pointers for Better Women’s Health

All women want to be strong, healthy, and happy. But many don’t know where to begin. If this is you, here are four excellent tips you can explore. It Starts with the Basics Like most things in life, the difference between success and failure is often a matter of having the right habits. If you

menstrual cup and tampons

Menstrual Cups: How to Use Them

What is a menstrual cup? A menstrual cup is a washable feminine product for hygiene. It’s a little funnel-shaped cup commonly made of silicone that women can insert into their vagina to collect and catch period fluid. Compared to tampons and pads, cups can keep more fluids, and that’s why many women are switching to


A good patient attraction system to target a wide and varied audience

With multiple dental practices at any given location it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is why good dental marketing and an effective patient attraction system is necessary to show potential patients why they should book an appointment to visit you and not the dental practice across the street or down

clear aligners

Which is better – clear aligners at home or the clinic?

To understand the strengths and weaknesses of aligners at home compared to those provided at dental clinics, a brief intro as to what clear aligners are and how they work is needed. Clear or invisible aligners are an orthodontic tool. They straighten your teeth over time and are based on the same principles of traditional


Sports Performance: Athletes with Poor Oral Health

We know a couple of elite athletes in our lives, maybe from watching them play or from the media. They are prevalent in the entertainment industry. We understand that these athletes as some of the best in sports, with some having the ideal human body. However, despite this, most athletes aren’t performing at an optimal

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