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Prioritizing Employee Wellness: What Entrepreneurs Have to Do

Employees are the most valuable assets of your company. All your equipment, processes, and resources will not matter without workers who know how to utilize them. They are your most significant investments, making it necessary to protect them at all costs. Part of your duties involves looking out for their health and wellness. Employees have

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Aloe Vera: The Miracle Plant to Add to Your Skincare and Diet

Aloe vera is popularly known as the “plant of immortality.” It got its name from the fact that it can grow without any soil. It’s also easy to grow and doesn’t need strict maintenance. Through the years, aloe vera has become a significant part of the beauty industry, especially in Korean skincare. Its usage goes


If You Feel and Look Older, You May Blame It on Stress

Nothing probably feels more uncomfortable and even offensive than being told that we look older than our age. But it’s because there’s a difference between chronological and biological aging. While chronological age refers to your actual age, biological age refers to aging that occurs because of the changes in the body. Take, for example, the

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Childbirth Consequences that Few People Talk About

Your body, your rules. And there will come a time when you will have to decide whether you want to give birth to a child or not. If you choose the former, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Whatever your reason is, whether it’s career-related or out of personal fears, it is valid and must

Back Pain: Causes and Simple Remedies

When experiencing any ache in our bodies, most of us tend to brush it off until it worsens and it’s too late. That’s why ignoring little aches or pain in our body must not be commonplace. Placing one’s health and body constitution should be everyone’s top priority. One of the most ignored parts of human

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What You Need to Know About High-carb Diets

They say health is wealth, and many of us go to extreme measures just to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Some of us even tend to limit our intake of certain foods to get the body that we desire. We usually sacrifice our cravings and satisfactions for that perfect and healthy body. If you’re one of

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