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Watch Out: Three Things That Could Trigger a Depression Relapse

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about depression is slipping back into it just when you thought you’ve already gotten back on your feet. It’s scary to be in that dark pit again, feeling helpless yet again. And this time, there’s a depression relapse, in other words, is worse than the depression itself. That’s why psychologists

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3 Reasons Middle-Aged Washington Residents Need to Get Off the Couch

In Washington, obesity rates can be both good and bad news. According to the 2017 State of Obesity Report, the state has one of the lowest percentages at only 27% of the population. It also had lower rates for diabetes and hypertension cases. In reality, the number of obese people increased over time. It climbed

You Should Start Self-Checking Your Breasts More Often

Attention Women: You Should Start Self-Checking Your Breasts More Often

If you’re a woman who’s very sensitive about your body and the thought of someone invading your personal space is enough to make you feel uncomfortable, the breast exam may be the most uncomfortable part about your annual check-up. As much as I understand why doctors need to do it, it feels weird having a

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