Day: October 19, 2021

keloid scar

Keloid Scars: How to Get Rid of Them and Regain Your Confidence

We all know that most skin injuries leave scars. Scar tissue is fibrous tissue that naturally forms over the wound to repair and protect it. Sometimes, extra scar tissue forms as smooth and hard growths referred to as keloids. Keloids are typically found on earlobes, cheeks, shoulders, or the chest, but they can form anywhere

middle aged man eating an apple

Don’t Let Your Health Get in the Way of Your Dreams

Being the epitome of health is not a prerequisite to chasing after your dreams. However, you have to admit that it will be much easier to pursue your passions and aspirations if you’re healthy instead of fighting for your life or dependent on medications just to function normally. But not everyone is as fortunate. Of

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