Day: April 3, 2019

Dentists looking at an x-ray of teeth

Dental Issues for Which an Inlay or Onlay Will Suffice

It is tempting to drop your head and cover your smile if your teeth have flaws which might affect the quality of your smile. This will not only affect the quality of your life and interactions but also affect your oral and overall health even if this might not be readily evident. Most systemic diseases

Family on sofa living room

Types of Lift Chairs

As human beings progress in age, doing some of the most of the basic of tasks becomes a tall order. Some may have difficulty in walking, talking and even hearing. Fortunately, growth in technology has led to the development of equipment that assists those having trouble handling these basic tasks. One such medical equipment in

arthritis acupuncture

Acupuncture Can Help You Overcome Rheumatoid Arthritis

These days, if someone suggested that you sign up for rheumatoid arthritis acupuncture in Seattle, you might be quick to dismiss them. You would probably give them an earful off for suggesting that you waste your precious time and resources on an alternative treatment option. Surprisingly, you would be wrong, and your friend would be

young woman with healthy glowing skin

Getting Younger Skin For Free

There are a lot of factors that can cause your skin to age, or at least look like it’s aged. You may be smiling a lot, creating those smile lines. Or maybe you like making your eyebrow dance, producing seemingly permanent creases on your forehead. Or perhaps you’re just getting a little bit older and

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