Day: March 15, 2019

Cool gel pack on a swollen knee

Healthy Practices for Your Knees

Inflammation due to worn-out cartilage or an injury can cause knee pain. At first, the pain may occur at irregular intervals, but it can become incessant, which is then hard to control. Severe joint pain can make you immobile. Thus, you have to keep your knees always in perfect condition. Here are some ways you

Chiropractor examining woman's back

5 Things You Should Know About Chiropractors

Many people who experience back pain opt for chiropractic care. However, others suffer in pain because they do not understand what a chiropractor does or why they should visit one. Chiropractors realign joint subluxations using their hands. You will require more than one session with your chiropractor to fix an issue, and the treatment lasts

Medical staff at a hospital

Disposable Medical Equipment: What’s In It For Doctors?

Many doctors have gotten used to reusable instruments. However, a lot of today’s medical devices would be better if they were made as single-use devices. This is mainly because of the threat of contamination. For example, a disposable speculum with LED light is more sanitary than a metal speculum that needs to be sterilized every time. That

healthy teeth

Best Ways to Care for Your Teeth in Your 40s

Teeth and gums undergo drastic changes as we grow old. For one, the mouth tends to get dry due to medications and several other factors. Gums start to recede, exposing softer root tissues of teeth, which eventually leads to cavities. The teeth also get more yellow due to the thinning of the enamel and the

depressed man

Watch Out: Three Things That Could Trigger a Depression Relapse

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about depression is slipping back into it just when you thought you’ve already gotten back on your feet. It’s scary to be in that dark pit again, feeling helpless yet again. And this time, there’s a depression relapse, in other words, is worse than the depression itself. That’s why psychologists


How to Help Your Teenager Deal with Acne

Most of us went through this. You wake up one morning only to find another acne on your left cheek, an addition to your growing collection. It’s frustrating to have to deal with teenage acne, especially when teens can be mean about it. If you have a teen or if you know someone who’s going

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