Day: March 14, 2019

woman experiencing back pain

Five Little-Known Ways to Relieve Back Pain

If you have been experiencing back pain for quite some time now, you are not alone. Aside from trauma, even mundane activities such as sitting in front of the computer for hours can cause your back to experience strain. Aside from taking dietary&supplements for back pain, you also need to understand the other methods that

men at a hair salon

Balding? Get a Celebrity Buzz Cut in Vegas

More and more celebrities are sporting buzz cuts, and most of them used to be bald or showing early signs of hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation can give you that same celebrity buzz cut — even if you’ve gone completely bald. With just a short trip to Nevada, you can be sporting a full head of

plastic surgeons

Minimally Obvious Plastic Surgeries Among Trends for 2019

Whether it’s a breast augmentation surgery in Utah or a rhinoplasty in California, more patients no longer want to see a drastic change in appearance post-surgery. This preference for minimalism is just one of several plastic surgery trends for 2019. Otherwise known as “tweak-ments,” this process requires the maintenance of the general face or body

nurse taking care of an elderly

Tips for Finding the Right Nursing Home for Your Elderly Parents

Your parents will probably age to a point where they can’t handle all their tasks without assistance. The best move when such a time comes is to take them to a senior living facility where specialists can take care of them. However, taking a parent to a nursing facility isn’t a simple decision, considering that

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